ICD 10 Chest Pain : Causes, Symptoms and Treatments (2023)

ICD 10 Chest Pain : Causes, Symptoms and Treatments : ICD stands for International Classification of Disease. This provides standard medical guidelines to classify disease, injuries and causes of death. It is a medical code which explains the clinical symptoms of a disease.

ICD 10 in specific is a statistical international medical survey. This survey is made specially to classify disease. It can also help to find out the health related problems. World Health Organization entrusts this edition of survey made by ICD foundation.

ICD 10 is the revised survey released in 43rd world health assembly on May 1990. It enlists unexplained causes of health problems and deaths. It is evolving into a 70,000 codes over 100 years of medical coding.

ICD 10 Chest Pain

ICD 10 Chest Pain : Causes, Symptoms and Treatments (1)

ICD 10 chest pain is unspecified chest pain. It is denoted as R00-R99 in statistical medical coding. It is categorized into other chest pains. It is found when professionals finding reasons for deaths due to chest pain. It is for reimbursement purposes. To claim insurance after death of the victim, these reasons were found out. There is no assurance that ICD 10 chest pain must result death; but rarely causes death.

Usually, chest pain related to cardiac problems. But ICD 10 chest pain is caused due to problems other than heart diseases. In general it is called other chest pain or ICD 10 chest pain syndrome.

There are variations in ICD 10 chest pain. On the basis of how and why it feels, other chest pains are distinguished. Other ICD 10 chest pains are,

  • Chest pain atypical
  • Chest pain with exertion
  • Chest pain in pregnancy
  • Chest pain with cough
  • Localized chest pain.

Atypical chest pain

ICD 10 Chest Pain : Causes, Symptoms and Treatments (2)

Atypical chest pain is different by the way it feels. Pain is not like a squeezing pain felt at chest area. When pain does not come under any of the specified causes of chest pain, it is called atypical chest pain. It does not have contraction with the top seven pairs of bones around heart. Pain does not spread to the other parts of the body too. Unlike these usual symptoms, atypical chest pain is different in causes, symptoms and treatments too.

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Causes of atypical chest pain

Atypical chest pains do not affect the heart. Strangely, it indirectly causes ill factors in other parts of the body. They are non-cardiac diseases. But it relates to the medical conditions like gastrointestinal, respiratory, musculoskeletal, and psychiatric causes. Most common causes are given below.

Respiratory problems

Respiratory problems can cause atypical chest pain. It pains while inhaling and exhaling. It is not related to the blood flow and circulation in heart. But sometimes, without any distinct reason, acute and sharp pain causes. Breathing involves the heart muscles cooperation too. In that case, unspecified breathing problems can cause atypical chest pain.

Lung disease

Lung is synching with the function of heart. Obviously any lung disease affects or results in atypical chest pain. Muscle contraction is one main reason for atypical chest pain.


Psychiatric conditions also cause chest pain. Tension and work stress give pain in chest muscle area. Hysterical and extreme emotional traumatic situations also lead chest pain. Mainly stress is the common pain causing factor.

Gastrointestinal problem

Any problem relating intestine causes atypical chest pain. Unpleasant acidic trouble in intestine area results chest pain. Acid reflux is also a pain causing factor.

Symptoms of atypical chest pain

  • Atypical chest pain gives
  • Sharp pain
  • Palpitation
  • Giddiness
  • Pulsing pain
  • Breathing problems
  • Fatigue
  • Excess sweating
  • Shivering
  • Unconsciousness lasts for 5 to 15 minutes
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional imbalance.

These are the symptoms of atypical ICD 10 chest pain.


Basic treatments can cure and reduce atypical chest pain. In most of the cases, it does not need severe and earnest medical treatments. So, simple medications like,

  • Pain killer drugs
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Relaxing exercises
  • Yoga techniques
  • Drug therapy.

Victims can try relaxing and stress relieving techniques to reduced atypical chest pain.

Chest pain with exertion

ICD 10 Chest Pain : Causes, Symptoms and Treatments (3)

Whenever chest muscles are of overuse, pain hits the area immediately. Improper exercises, repeated athletic practices sore chest muscles. Overuse of chest muscles and exhausted feeling directly affects atypical chest pain.


Causes are very obvious and clear in chest pain with exertion. Some certain reasons of chest pain with exertion are,

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  • Repeated exercises- people mostly do exercises without proper guidance and care. They never care about the consequences too. Proper inhaling and exhaling need to be maintained throughout the exercise session.
  • Athletic practices- power exercises to increase pain tolerance in specific muscles areas cause chest pain.
  • Weightlifting- power lifting activities or daily activities can directly affect chest muscles. But pain is acute not sharp.
  • Improper muscle contraction-Crazy activities like twisting and rolling over might result atypical chest pain.
  • Tired muscles- overuse of muscles reacts by swelling and inflammation.


Chest pain with exertion has some common symptoms. Pain feels like,

  • Acute pain
  • Punching pain while inhaling and exhaling
  • Swelling


This kind of chest pain never needs treatment at all. All it needs are simple alteration in daily routine. Certain practiced standard medical advices for chest pain with exertion are,

  • Knowing potential pain tolerance of chest muscles
  • Maintaining proper breathing while exercising
  • Asking professional guidance to do power exercises
  • Doing relaxing and simple stretches
  • Resting body muscles over a period to heal
  • Avoid stressing the muscles in addition.

When all these above mentioned treatments fail, then it needs proper medical consultation. Then you must undergo medications and other prescribed treatments reducing chest pain with exertion.

Chest pain in pregnancy

ICD 10 Chest Pain : Causes, Symptoms and Treatments (4)

Chest pain in pregnancy is uncommon and rare. If it occurs, then it will be the indication of severe health issues. It is not happening in the initial stages of pregnancy. As gradually increases pregnancy months, heartbeat rate also increases. Beating rate will be higher than the normalcy. Also, the baby in womb may have push towards stomach and lungs.


  • Breathing problems
  • Shortness of breath
  • Palpitation
  • High heart rate
  • Decreasing blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Tightened chest muscles
  • Morning sickness
  • Inflammation

These are the common symptoms of chest pain in pregnancy. When symptoms are frequent and severe, then it is ensuring complex heart problems.


Chest pain in pregnancy is quite unusual. Patient should never take chance of keeping it untreated. As the baby in womb faces breathing problems, it needs immediate medical care and attention. Patients need to be pacified first. Then doctors should diagnose the cause of chest pain. Since ICD 10 Chest pain cause is unspecified, general ways to calm down and breathing exercises can help. In the case of severity, then the baby in womb should be protected first.

Chest pain with cough

ICD 10 Chest Pain : Causes, Symptoms and Treatments (5)

Chest pain with cough occurs only in medical conditions that affect lungs directly. Mainly in the case of Pneumonia, flu, asthma and acute bronchitis feels chest pain with cough.

Causes of Chest pain with cough

  • Problem in respiration wind pipes
  • Flu
  • Asthma
  • Pneumonia
  • Chest cavity due to tissues
  • Chronic lung disease
  • Lung cancer
  • Blood clots in lungs
  • Autoimmune diseases.

Any of these causes may result in chest pain with cough. Other than that, any respiration problem relating lungs can also cause chest pain with cough.


  • Sharp pain while coughing
  • Inflammation in throat
  • Throat pain
  • Unable to swallow food and water
  • Burning sensation while inhaling breath
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dry cough with tickling sensation in throat
  • Fluctuation in body temperature
  • Heaviness in breathing
  • Frequent coughs and

By any of these symptoms chest pain with cough can be identified or diagnosed.

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As all symptoms relating disturbance in immune system; it denoted alien virus or cell in the body. So, treatments will be very general like treating common fever or flu.

  • Taking antibodies
  • Supplement pills to boost up immune
  • Avoiding allergic foods or any intake
  • Pain-relieving drugs and syrups
  • Drugs to increase immune power
  • Medication gives disease resistance

All these basic and simple medication is enough to treat chest pain with cough. Nothing serious is about this kind of pain. It can never lead to any heart diseases or complications in health.

Localized chest pain

ICD 10 Chest Pain : Causes, Symptoms and Treatments (6)

Localized chest pain is not a serious health problem. It has no relevance or effect on causing heart diseases at all. Most of the persons feeling localized chest pain suddenly. It is a sharp pricking pain at chest area. Patients explain this kind of pain as stabbing instant pain. It will go away less than seconds in most of the cases. Thus it is an acute pain in chest area.

Causes of localized chest pain

Some of the common causes of localized chest pain are,

  • Acid reflux/ heart burn- this is so common that millions of people undergoing this kind of chest pain every day.
  • Indigestion problems- a blockage like feeling in chest indicates digestion problem in most cases.
  • Muscle spasm- due to overuse of chest muscles spasm comes while muscle contraction.
  • Strain- building pressure and tension in the chest area in doing power pain tolerance exercises.
  • Rib cage bone pain- osteoporosis, weak bone problem may show symptoms of punching pain in the area.
  • Lung diseases- mostly lung diseases causes chest pain in all the cases.
  • Hysteria- anxiety and panic attacks are inducing this kind of stabbing pain for few seconds at the time of fear.
  • Swallowing disorders- Throat problems due to swallowing of large size of food can block the respiratory pipes and cause pain.


  • Burning sensation
  • Inflammation
  • Sharp pain
  • Stabbing or pinching pain
  • Electric shock like effect
  • Breathing problems
  • Increasing heart rate
  • Palpitation
  • Shortness of breath.

These are the common symptoms of localized chest pain. It will go away within few seconds. It lasts not more than 5 minutes in most of the cases.


Localized chest pain does not need any medical help in general. Only at times of severity, the patient may need to consult doctor to check complexity of the pain.

Frequently asked questions

I am having chest pain, will I have heart disease?

ICD 10 Chest Pain : Causes, Symptoms and Treatments (7)

No. All chest pain never results heart disease. To be accurate, chest pain is so common in the case of non- cardiac disease. You need not worry of having heart disease. But anyway, diagnose the reason for chest pain. Most of the cases, it is mere acid reflux.

Why I feel some blockage in my chest?

Blockage in chest area is due to swallowing problems. You might have swallowed big piece of food. Thus it gives a feeling like blockage. It will go away within seconds. But make sure that you do not repeat the same. Otherwise, it will affect the food pipe severely.

What is the reason for burning sensation with chest pain?

Burning chest or inflammation in chest area happens because of the acid reflux. This is the common indigestion problem nearly 15 million people undergoing this every day. Avoid spicy and oily foods. This may help you to get rid of frequency of this problem. For immediate result, you can try home remedies like ginger tea for better digestion.


Will I have heart disease due to exercise?

No. Rarely it does affect chest muscles and causes spasm in muscles. Overuse of muscles will result in pain. But not heart disease for sure. It is always better to avoid tricky stretches affects chest muscles.

Can weightlifting cause chest pain?

Yes. Weightlifting may cause chest pain. Improper and sudden weight lifting must injure the internal muscles tissues. This can cause sharp pain in chest muscle area.

Is ICD 10 Chest pain is a cardiac pain?

No. It is non- cardiac pain. But to some extent, it may transform into a severe and complex heart problem gradually.

Why am I having pain in chest while breathing?

Chest pain while breathing and coughing indicates lung diseases. It foretells that there is some disturbance in lungs spreading pain. Mostly, tissues in air pipe cause this kind of chest pain.

Are there any other reasons for chest pain other than cardiac problems?

Yes. There are so many other factors that do cause chest pain. Indigestion, lung diseases, acid reflux, muscle spasms and psychiatric conditions also result chest pain.

Can I have chest pain due to shock?

Yes. Chances are huge in this kind of chest pain. It is like an electric shock like pain in chest area. This causes because of the tough emotional situations that you cannot tolerate or take any more.

Does psychological problem lead chest pain?

Yes. Psychological problems like stress, anxiety, hysteria or emotional breakdown result in chest pain.

When chest pain needs doctor’s consultation?

ICD 10 Chest Pain : Causes, Symptoms and Treatments (8)

Depending on the frequency and durability of chest pain, you should consult your doctor. Conditions like acid reflux can easily treated at home. It can be prevented by cautious food intake also. Complexity arises when it lasts long and comes more often.

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