North Facing House Vastu Plan (2023)

Vastu Plan for Positivity and Prosperity in North Facing House

North facing houses are considered very auspicious according to the vastu of the house. It is said that the north direction is the direction of Kubera, the god of wealth and prosperity, so there are more chances of a good flow of money in the house. However, the fact remains that the flow of money and positive energy in the house depends on Vastu compliance. If a north facing house is constructed according to the Vastu plan, there is a strong possibility of success, well-being, happiness and positivity in the house.

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In this post, you can know the rules of Vastu suggested by renowned Vastu experts to make a positive North facing house. So, read here and learn about the ways to make your north facing home prosperous and happy.

vastu plan for north facing house

North facing house is very auspicious but it is not suitable for everyone. Depending on the profession and rashi of the people, the effect of north facing houses varies. These houses are suitable for businessmen, accountants, bankers, investors, communicators, stock market traders, astrology and vastu service providers, people working in the business of hospitality, hotel, travel and tourism. According to zodiac astrology, these houses are most suitable for the people of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

How to ensure happiness and prosperity in a north facing house? Know the vastu rules of north facing house to increase positivity and auspiciousness in the house.

Vastu rules for main door in north facing house

  • According to the Vastu of a north facing house, the main door of the house should be in the north direction.
  • If the length of the main gate is divided into nine equal parts from north-east to north-west, then the fifth part or post is considered auspicious. The third, fourth and eighth positions in the north direction are also considered to bring wealth and prosperity to the house.
  • Avoid placing the main door of the house or the entrance of the house in the north-west direction. Placing the main door in the north-west direction can adversely affect the members of the house.

main door according to vastubest direction for

vastu tips for kitchen in north facing house

  • Never build a kitchen in the north-east corner of a north-facing house.
  • Kitchen in the north-east direction causes neurologic disorders and family disputes. Sometimes, the home owners have to face legal and financial problems due to this Vastu defect.
  • Always prefer south-east or south direction for making kitchen in north facing house.
  • The north-west direction is also good for the kitchen, as it is auspicious according to the vastu principles of a north-facing house.
  • Make sure that you are facing East or South-East while cooking in the kitchen.

go7 Vastu Tips for Kitchen

    Vastu Tips for Bathroom and Septic Tank in North Facing House

    • The location of the bathroom should be in the south of the southwest direction. West of North-West direction and East of South-East direction are good for making bathroom and septic tank in north facing house.septic tank position according to vastu
    • Since bathrooms and septic tanks are places where water stagnates most of the time, they are considered to be a source of negative energy.
    • As per Vastu for septic tank, septic tank should never be made in front of north facing house or underground. It can obstruct the water source and the members of the house may have kidney problems.
    • Bathroom for homes According to Vastu, bathroom should not be made in front of the house. It can cause financial problems and health ailments.

    govastu for water tank

    Vastu for Pooja Room in North Facing House

    • Pooja Ghar is a place of devotion where your God resides and you worship Him. Hence, according to Vastu, in a North facing house, the Pooja room should always be in the West direction.
    • West is the best direction for the Pooja room in a North facing house as it ensures the idols or pictures of God face East.
    • You can also make the pooja room of a north facing house in the east direction so that the idols and deities face east instead of west.
    • According to the Vastu of North facing house, North-East direction is also considered auspicious for making Pooja room.

    solve all your problemsworship room architectureCan do.

    Vastu for bedroom in North facing house

    • The master bedroom of a north facing house should be in the south-west direction.
    • East, South or West are also auspicious directions for making a master bedroom.
    • According to the vastu of a north facing house, the bedroom should never be in the north-east direction.
    • According to Bedroom Vastu, the best direction to make a guest room is North-West.
    • Children's bedroom should be in the west direction.

    bedroom vastu- Sleeping direction as per Vastu.

      Vastu for Staircase in North Facing House

      • Never make the stairs of the house in the north direction. According to Vastu experts, making stairs in this direction causes financial problems.
      • Always make sure that the ladder is in the clockwise direction.
      • Never make the stairs of a north facing house in the north-east direction. According to Vastu Shastra, it can cause neurological disorders.
      • South, west, south-east, south-west and north-west directions are good for building a staircase in a north facing house.
      • Always consult a Vastu expert to determine the correct placement of stairs related to the rooms in your home.

      Vastu for Garage/Parking in North Facing House

      • Never build a garage or parking in the north direction.
      • As per Vastu plan of North facing house, garage in North direction can cause lack of mental peace in the house.
      • South-East and North-West are the best directions to build your garage or parking.

      do's and don'ts in north facing house according to vastu

      There are some Vastu rules for a north facing house that you should keep in mind while building a north facing house. These Vastu tips for North facing homes help in bringing peace and prosperity. Here's what you need to follow while building a north facing house.

      What to do according to the Vastu of North facing house

      Plant a money plant in the north direction of the house. According to Vastu principles of North facing house, money plant attracts wealth and planting it in the North direction increases prosperity in the house.

      Make an auspicious symbol like Swastik or Om in the house. Always consult a Vastu expert about the most auspicious and beneficial place to place the auspicious symbol.

      • Always make the living room of a north facing house in the north-east direction.
      • Buy a north facing house plot with a slope from south to north.
      • Make sure that the walls facing north and east are shorter than the walls on the other side.
      • Leave open space in north and north-east direction while building a north facing house.
      • According to Water Tank Vastu Tips, the borewell should never be in the North-East direction. When a diagonal line is drawn from North-East to South-West it should be slightly away from North-East.
      • The electricity meter of north facing houses should be in the south-east direction.
      • In the north facing house, the mirror should be placed in the north direction.
      • The north and east side slope of the north facing house plot should be less than the south and west side slope.
      • Always use white, grey, green, blue and khaki colors and their shades to paint your north facing house.
      • Tulsi plants should be planted in the north or north-east direction to get rid of negativity and bring positive energy.
      • According to the Vastu of the house, to get more opportunities, install the idol of Lord Kuber in the north direction of the house.
      • West direction is suitable for making dining or study room.
      • What not to do according to Vastu of North facing house
      • Mirror should not be placed in south and south-east direction.
      • Make sure that there is no obstruction in front of the main door of the north facing house.
      • Avoid the sixth position while making the main door of a north facing house.
      • Avoid painting the front of a north facing house with red or yellow colour.
      • Gardening and tree plantation should never be done in the north-west direction of the house.
      • There should never be a guard room in the North-East direction.
      • If the bedroom is made in the northern direction of the house, make sure that you do not sleep with your head in the north direction.
      • Drainage or drainage of dirty water in the house should not be from north to south direction.
      • While making the Vastu plan of a north facing house, keep in mind that there should not be a toilet in the north, east or north-east direction of the house.
      • Red or maroon color should not be used on the main door or entrance.
      • Do not use black colored marble/granite slabs for the kitchen in the south-east area of ​​a north facing house.
      • There should not be any kind of clutter, plants or electric poles in front of the house.

      The above Vastu tips can be helpful in converting your north facing house into a prosperous and happy home. In case of your queries, you can consult our Vastu experts and know more about Vastu principles and remedies for Vastu defects, youYou can ask your questions through online astrology consultation


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