Shoe spray against smelly shoes, fungi & bacteria (2023)

Shoe spray against smelly shoes, fungi & bacteria (1)

Do smelly shoes cause a bad smell in the house due to sweaty feet?

Stinky shoesthrough sweaty feet that fill the whole hall of your house with a foul aroma. Children's shoes or your husband's work shoes that stink for an hour in the wind

It will probably look familiar to you. Did you know this dirty"toe cheese air"one moreworse causehas?

Fortunately, there is now oneschoenenspraywho does something about it:ProtectAir 10 Day Fresh Spray.Read more quicklyabout how a shoe spray can relieve you of the smell!

In this article:

What Causes Stinky Shoes?

Bad smell due to bacteria and fungi in sweat

Let's get straight to the point, that terrible oneshoes smellis caused by 2 things:

  • fungi
  • bacteria

Bacteria and fungi that live in your shoes expand and grow from moisture and heat. This allows them toburrow deep into the materials of your shoes, where they are almost impossible to remove. If left untreated, shoes can eventually become a source of infection for athlete's foot or athlete's footfungal nails.

Many people leave their shoesnot drying properly, exacerbating the problem. If you wear shoes every day, they will remain moist - especially if you suffer from sweaty feet.

When shoes full ofmoistureinsecondsit, thebacteria and fungicontinue to move and expand. It is therefore very important not to wear shoes for 2 days in a row to allow them to dry properly.

Do not put your shoes on the stove and do not dry them with a hair dryer!

If you try to heat and dry shoes in this way. Do you run the risk that the materials of your shoes will not last as long. The glue that holds your shoes together can dry out, causing the soles to come off.

Stinky sports shoes

Running shoes, football boots and sneakers

Running shoes, football boots and sneakers are often in fashion these dayssynthetic materialsmade

Those materials: such as plastics, synthetic rubbers, polyurethane (that soft filling) transport moisture very poorly. Sheoften breathe badlyand ensure that the foot cannot cool down and starts to feel sweltering, resulting in sweaty feet.

Fact:you wash all your clothes except youshoes!

The sweat in your shoes, combined with heat and the fungi and bacteria that naturally occur on your foot, make the perfect breeding ground and can cause a lot of bad smells and eventually infections.

Running shoes and sneakersoften have a thicksyntheticlining (that soft lining) and glued soles that prevent the shoe from working properlyto breathe. If you also wear cotton socks, the temperature of your feet will quickly rise and cause sweaty feet.

Moistureis the main cause of shoe odor. It is important that shoes are given a chanceto dry well.

Home remedies for smelly shoes

There are several home remedies available on the internetremove odor from shoes. Many of these methodswork moderately to not at alland do not delete thecauseof thesmell from your shoes. Some of thesetrickscan even be very detrimental to the quality of your shoes.

Shoe spray against smelly shoes, fungi & bacteria (2)

Shoes deodorant

Masks the door only. Works short-term, so you quickly have smelly shoes again.


  • Easy to use
  • Cheap


  • Only masks the smell
  • Spray cans are bad for the environment
  • Must be used daily

Shoe spray against smelly shoes, fungi & bacteria (3)

Cat litter granules

Miauw!Cat litter granules extract moisture from your shoes and absorb odor. However, we don't see ourselves scooping the cat litter out of our shoes every morning. So don't!


  • Absorbs moisture
  • Cheap


  • Messy
  • Who does this?

Shoe spray against smelly shoes, fungi & bacteria (4)

Coffee filter with detergent or soda

The same principle as the cat litter, extracts moisture from shoes and spreads a pleasant scent. This too is messy and just masks the smell.

Because this remedy only works superficially, your shoes will still smell. Just a little less.


  • Masks odor
  • Reduces odor
  • Easy to apply


  • Messy
  • Does not delete the source

Shoe spray against smelly shoes, fungi & bacteria (5)

Washing machine

A good way to clean the shoes. Also a good wayto destroy them quickly.

If you want new shoes fast, throw the old ones in the washing machine! The materials can be damaged and it shortens the life of the shoes.

Yes! The water and detergent will remove the dirt deep into the shoes, but to kill the bacteria and fungi, you must keep the shoes at more than 60°C. to wash. Your shoes will not like these temperatures!


  • Really works at over 60°C.
  • Penetrates deep into the materials


  • Destroys shoes
  • Not suitable for leather shoes

Shoe spray against smelly shoes, fungi & bacteria (6)

Shoes in the freezer

Of type

really works

to eliminate bacteria and fungi and thus your shoesto smell less. It is also very bad for the materials of your shoe. For example, glue can dry out and break, causing glued soles to fall apart.

The extremely low temperatures are an attack on the materials of your shoes. After a few times in the freezer, the quality of your shoes will deteriorate quickly.

Not suitable for leather shoes, shoes with heels or boots made of leather. Shoes made of natural materials smell less anyway. Do not!


  • Really works
  • Kills fungi and bacteria


  • Shortens the life of your shoes
  • Your soles can come off

Shoe spray against smelly shoes, fungi & bacteria (7)

Athlete's foot infection due to unhygienic shoes

The main source of infection for your feet

It's not just thenasty smellsthat are annoying. The bacteria and fungi that theodorare also responsible for athlete's foot (athlete's foot) andnail mold. If heavily soiled shoes are not treated, you run the risk of one of theseinfections.

Fungi occur naturally on the skin and with plentyhygienic precautions, they hardly cause any problems. When thepoorfungi and bacteria get the upper hand andyour feet are locked in closed shoes every day, then sweat can easily transport it to your shoes.

Once in your shoes, the moisture and warmth provide the ideal breeding ground for the fungi to settle. If you don't treat the shoes with aspecial shoe spray, they can even pose an infection risk to your skin and nails.

Your skin can become soft due to sweat and heat and damage it more easily. This allows the fungi to penetrate the skin and stuffswimmer's eczema, also known as athlete's foot. Athlete's foot can lead to nail fungus. So think twice when you put on smelly shoes!

"Keep your shoes hygienic, fresh andsafe"


Risk groups,such as people with diabetes or diabetic foot, must be extra careful with unhygienic shoes. They run additional health risks if they contract a foot infection.

How do I remove odors from my shoes?

Shoe spray against smelly shoes, fungi & bacteria (8)

ProtectAirmedical shoe spraycleans your shoes for up to 10 days with 1 treatment. Theschoenenspraycreates an environment in which fungi and bacteria cannot survive. This ensures hygienic and safe shoesup to 10 days!Remove odors from shoes for good with ProtectAir shoe spray!

Unlike shoe deodorant, ProtectAir does not mask odor. ProtectAir is onemedicalshoe spray, which ensures that your shoe is protected against bacteria and fungi.

What exactly does this mean?

After you have applied ProtectAir shoe spray to your shoes, an environment is created in which fungi and bacteria cannot survive. Thepatented formulabased on nano-technology contains active ingredients that remain active in your shoe for up to 10 days. So you don't have to treat your shoes every day!

Sound scientific? That's it!However, the use of ProtectAir shoe spray is super simple and only needs to be repeated once every 10 days (with intensive use, such as football boots, slightly more often).

That is how it works:

  • Remove the insole if possible
  • Spray5-10x each shoe, make sure the entire inside is treated.
  • Let the shoes dry for 10-15 minutes.
  • Repeat if necessary, until the odor is completely gone.
  • You are nowprotectedagainst fungi and bacteria.

ProtectAir keeps shoesup to 10 dayshygienic and fresh!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What Causes Stinky Shoes?

    Smelly shoes are caused byfungiinbacteria! These are transported from your skin to your shoes through sweat, where they can settlenestinmultiply. Warm and damp shoes are the ideal breeding ground. Once contaminated, shoes are difficult to clean.

  2. Do home remedies for smelly shoes work?

    Home remedies such asshoes deodorant, cat litter, deodorizers, newspapers in your shoes reduce or only mask the smell of shoes. Around thebronof the stench, you should disinfect the shoes with aspecial shoe spray.

  3. Can I wash my shoes in the washing machine?

    Look after!Not all shoes are suitable for washing in the washing machine. To deep clean your shoes and kill the fungi and bacteria, serve up your shoesmore than 60°C. At these temperatures, your shoes will not last long.

  4. Can I put my shoes in the freezer?

    Look after!The extremely low temperatures will shorten the life of your shoes. The glue used to put your shoes together is often not resistant to these low temperatures. Result:shoe soles coming off.

  5. What is the best disinfectant shoe spray?

    ProtectAirshoe spray actively cleans and protects shoes against fungi and bacteria for up to 10 days. This way you are assured of hygienic and fresh shoes and you reduce the risk offungal infections.


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