West facing house Vastu plan for pooja room, living room and other rooms (2023)

In a bid to usher in success and positive energy at home, home buyers may often make choices that may seem peculiar. For example, some may believe that only an east facing house Vastu plan is good, or want north-facing bedrooms or a children’s room in the east. In fact, a west facing house is usually less preferred, because they are perceived as unlucky and inauspicious, which is a common misconception due to lack of understanding of Vastu concepts. This has led many people to let go off lucrative property deals. However, even a west facing house may prove to be favourable and bring good luck. A west facing property is beneficial especially for people in certain professions like doctors, nurses, lawyers, financial advisors, artists, teachers, chefs, etc.

Vastu Shastra experts maintain that all directions are equal and come with certain limitations that one should be aware of, so that positivity flows in the home without any hindrance. As per Vastu Shastra, the direction of a house does not have any impact. One of the main reasons is the fact that the earth’s axis of rotation is titled at 23.5 degrees and it keeps changing. So, is west facing house good for you? Here are a few Vastu rules that you should know.

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West facing house: What it means?

If the main entrance in your home or flat faces the west, it is considered a west-facing home. Identifying a west facing flat is easy. Stand at the main door or gate of your house facing outside. If you are facing the west direction, then it is a west facing property. Usually, west-facing homes are not considered auspicious but Vastu experts maintain otherwise.

West facing house advantages

  • As per Vastu, a west facing house is aligned in a way that it brings maximum warmth and rays of the evening sun for a longer period.
  • West facing properties are good for people such as those from the field of business, politics, teaching, or religious leaders. For youngsters, such properties attract more energy.
  • Many people regard properties facing the west direction to be beneficial in terms of wealth gain and prosperity. One will not get opponents and will become popular in social circles.

West facing house Vastu for main door gates

The entrance of a house holds great significance in Vastu as it is the point from where positive energies enters. In a west facing house, the main entrance door should be designed as per Vastu guidelines. Moreover, as per Vastu for flats facing west, the right door colours must be selected. For doors in the west and north direction, go for softer shades like light blue.

According to Shaktikanta Desai, a senior Vastu consultant at AtoZ Associates, the main doors of west-facing homes should be slightly towards the north-west or in the middle. South-west direction should be completely avoided, for placing the main door.

If you divide the length, from the north-west corner to south-west corner in nine equal parts or pada, with the first one in the north-west and the ninth one in the south-west, the fifth and sixth pada will be the best ones for the main door. Home owners should completely avoid the seventh, eighth and ninth padas for the entrance in west facing house as per vastu, as it is considered the corner of devil’s energy.

West facing house Vastu plan for pooja room, living room and other rooms (1)

West facing house Vastu plan for different rooms

To know what the west direction is suitable for, will depend on the orientation of the different rooms of the west facing house.

West facing house Vastu plan with pooja room and living room

According to Vastu, pooja room and living room should be in the north-east of the house, as it is the most auspicious corner.

As per the pooja room Vastu for west facing house, one can also consider the west direction to create the home temple. Make sure the photos and idols of gods should face the east direction. This arrangement can be seen in several ancient temples in India where the main idol is placed in the west zone while it faces east.

The other direction which is regarded auspicious is the east. So, when designing a west facing house Vastu plan with pooja room, you can keep the gods in this direction.

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Vastu for master bedroom

For the master bedroom, the south-west direction is preferred, as per Vastu rules for a west facing flat. If you have a multi-level house, your master bedroom should be on the top floor. Having the bedroom in southwest improve relationships between couples and prevents conflicts. Make sure the bed and different elements of nature in the room are aligned as per Vastu principles that will ensure quality sleep and set a peaceful environment.

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Vastu for living room

The living room may be built in the east, north, northeast, and northwest directions of the house. Keep furniture items in west or southwest direction in the living room.

Kitchen Vastu

The kitchen is an important space in the house and it’s correct placement will ensure good health for the family members. Incorrect placement of the kitchen can lead to health and financial problems. For the kitchen, opt for the south-east corner. One should align the cooktop in a way that the person faces east when cooking.

Also, as per Vastu, the kitchen should not be directly under or over the puja room, bedroom, or toilet. Choose southeast or northwest zones for the kitchen. Ideally, southeast corner is best for the kitchen.

Vastu plan for guest bedroom and kids’ room

In a west-facing house, the children’s room can be planned in the south, west or north-west areas, whereas, the guest room can be in the north-west.

Vastu plan for staircase

As per Vastu tips for a west facing house, the staircase must be constructed in the south, southwest, or west direction. Make sure it is built in clockwise direction, which is recommended in Vastu Shastra principles.

West facing house Vastu plan for bathroom

It is important to avoid constructing bathrooms and toilets in the auspicious directions. Never position the toilet and septic tank in the northeast zone.

Vastu for windows

Windows in a west facing house must be installed in north and east directions. This arrangement ensures balanced flow of energies in the house.

West facing house Vastu: Useful tips

Anokhi Mehra from Vastu Designs, a Bhopal-based consultancy, shares some Vastu Shastra tips for west facing homes that every household should keep in mind:

  • Avoid buying a plot which is higher in the north than in the south. However, a plot which slopes from south to north, is considered auspicious.
  • Avoid having the bore-well or water pump in the south-west corner.
  • Avoid buying a flat with an extension in the south-west.
  • The walls in the south and west corner must be thicker and higher than in the east and north.
  • If you have the main entrance in the south-west portion, you should consult experts for nullifying this defect, with the use of gems such as sapphire, earth crystals, etc.
  • The total number of doors and windows in the house should be even.
  • The west direction is good for the dining room, overhead water tank, children’s room, study room and toilet.

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West facing house Vastu: Wall colours

According to the Vastu, the ideal colours for west-facing houses are white, silver, yellow and beige. Since these colours are neutral tones, they are perfect for households that want to focus on enhancing positive energy coming from the west. However, if the house is spread more towards the west than any other direction, then, a light shade of blue can also be considered, to get more benefits of the west direction. Other shades that you can choose include off-white and cream as these are Vastu-neutral colours. Try not to overwhelm your west facing home with too many bright tones.

West facing house Vastu: Best plants for a home garden

If you have a west-facing garden or home, your plants will receive very little sunlight in the mornings. Also, plants in a west-facing garden must be able to withstand the afternoon heat and summer heat. Moreover, shade-loving plants are far less likely to thrive. Here are some plants which will flourish in west-facing gardens.

Tulips: These are a staple of west-facing gardens. You can plant tulip bulbs in autumn and you will see dazzling colours, when spring comes around.

Roses: Since there are over 300 species of rose and thousands of cultivars, you can pick any variety, from shrub roses to rambling roses for the west-facing garden.

Daffodils: These are easy to grow and relatively inexpensive. Daffodils are also planted in autumn and take many months to develop roots, before the flowers burst into life during spring.

Who are suitable for west facing houses?

All vastu-complaint houses are considered good. However, astrology and one’s nature of job will help in determining whether a west facing house Vastu plan benefits them or not. The west direction is ruled by the planet Saturn. The element of west direction is space – that is known to be infinite. They are likely to involve themselves for the greater good and help others. West facing flat in Vastu is ideal for professionals like lawyers, doctors, nurses, chefs, detectives, financial advisors, teachers, artists and gardeners.

The residents of a west facing house will tend to be engaged in jobs that give them satisfaction and fulfilment rather than just the position or designation. Thus, west facing apartment, as per vastu shastra, is also ideal for social workers.

West facing house is good for which Rashi?

Furthermore, certain homes may be suitable for people of a particular Rashi (zodiac sign). According to Vastu and astrology experts, a west facing house, is considered suitable for Kumbha Rashi. Such homes may also be ideal for Mithuna and Tula Rashi.

West facing house Vastu plan: Dos and don’ts

  • The main door or entrance in a west facing house must be positioned in the Sugriva and Pushpdanta padas of the house, as per Vastu Shastra.
  • Construct the walls in the south and west corner slightly thicker and higher than that on the east and north side.
  • When designing a west faced house, as per Vastu, one can place the main door of the house in the third or fourth padas.
  • Avoid designing a main door in the seventh, eighth, or ninth pada of the house.
  • As per west facing apartment Vastu guidelines, if the land plot is sloped, ensure that it is inclined from the south to the north direction.
  • Avoid building the house on a plot that is sloped from north to south as it can lead to financial losses. Similarly, avoid the plot if there is an extension in southwest or south direction.
  • Do not buy the property if it slopes from north to south direction. Similarly, avoid purchasing the property if there is any obstruction like trees in the main entrance, or if the south and west direction have thin walls.
  • Avoid building a kitchen in the southwest side of the house.
  • Do not sleep under an overhead beam or wall partition in the house.
  • When sleeping, the legs must never point towards the door.

Remove clutter to invite positive energies

Install large windows in a west facing home to take maximum benefits of the evening sunlight. Clear away any obstructions to brighten up the west area of your home. Make sure to keep the home clean and clutter-free to bring in positive energies.

West facing house: Disadvantages

One of the major downsides of a west facing homes is that the regions that are usually hot receive maximum amount of heat from the evening sunlight. This occurs as the sun’s journey is from south to west direction.

Having an ideal entrance in a west-facing house may be difficult. As the house may have a huge part in the northwest or southwest side, the main entrance may not be Vastu compliant for many. As per Vastu guidelines, the length of a residential plot must always be placed in the east-west or the north-south direction. Thus, this can be a minor inconvenience for owners of a west-facing property.


Are west-facing flats good?

Vastu experts say that all directions are equal and come with certain limitations that one should be aware of, so that positivity energies flow in the home without any hindrance.

Is west facing main door good?

The main doors of west facing homes should be slightly towards the north-west corner or in the middle.

What are the advantages of west facing house?

West facing homes have proven to be prosperous for people who like to socialise. People who are politicians, teachers, religious leaders or businessmen should prefer staying in the west-facing house.

Is West entrance good as per Vastu?

Yes, main door entrance is good in West direction only if it is exactly in the middle or towards the north-west corner.

Which facing house is good for Kumbha Rasi?

A west facing house, as per Vastu and astrology experts, is considered ideal for Kumbha Rashi.

(With inputs from Surbhi Gupta)

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