West Facing House Vastu | West Home Vastu (Paschim | Padamara) (2023)

Vastu For West Direction And Fundamental Information:

How Many Degrees Is West Direction Has?

West direction has 270° (Two hundred and Seventy degrees) as per the directional compass.

Where Exactly The West Direction Is Located?

West direction is located in between Northwest and Southwest. The West direction is exactly opposite to the East direction. 180° difference in between East and West directions.

West Direction Is Suitable for : -

Generally, this direction is suitable for bedroom, storeroom, stocks room, entrance, trees, living room, pooja room, dining room, study room, conference room, family room, flower pots, foyer, home office room, guests waiting room, drinking water-can, library, showcase, male children bedroom, meeting hall, overhead tanks, (on some conditions toilet, bathroom), staircase, on some conditions kitchen etc.

West Direction Is Not Suitable for : -

Generally, West direction is not suitable for the swimming pool, septic tank, cesspit, water storage sump tanks, (on some conditions toilet, bathroom), girls bedroom, guest room, on some conditions kitchen etc.

Who Is the Lord Of West Direction?

This direction is ruled by Lord Varuna Dev.( Varuna is the lord/ruler of the west direction. He is also the lord of RAINS which is essential for human beings and all other living things. Rain is responsible for the growth of plants and forests. Nothing can survive in this world without water.)

VARUNA has one face and two hands. He has a serpent in the right hand and a ROPE in the left hand. His Devi (Wife) is called PADMINI. He is golden-textured. He rides on a big fish called MAKARA. His rope represents ATTACHMENT or LOVE. Hence, if this direction is afflicted, the people cannot detach from their bonds to family or friends and they suffer because of the excess attachment.

West direction planetary god is Shani Dev.

Means of transport vehicle is "Crocodile"

This is also called "Sunsetting direction".

Nature of this planet = Sorrows / Perseverance / Slowdown / Sustainability (Jeevanaadharam) / success raising on foes, overpower on the enemies, or defeat or gain control of opponents, (adversary, foe, archenemy, rival, challenger, competitor, opposer, antagonist, combatant, opposition, competition) and the like.

In some areas, the West direction may also be called Paschim Disha, Padamara disa, Varun dikh, etc.

West is presided by Varun-God of rains. Ruled by Saturn. Hence great care has to be taken on this side.

West Direction Position in Compass?

West Facing House Vastu | West Home Vastu (Paschim | Padamara) (1)North is always showing on top and West shows on the left in maps (Observe the small circle in this image.). This is the international standard. For some convenience purpose, somebody changing the direction positions as per their accessibility purpose. Inhouse vasturesidents should be careful with this orientation. Floor should not be lower, depressed etc. Let us discuss the complete details below.

In this section, we will discuss West facingHouse vastutips, remedies, dosh nivaran, solutions, corrections, and guidelines.

Further, we will discuss benefits/advantages and disadvantages, merits and demerits, defects and effects. Afterward, when we will conclude how this direction sounds good or defective. Further, we will discuss why manyvastu consultantsnot recommending this direction to residents.

Is there any change that can be possible to observe at occident countries in this direction. Is occident countries are beneficial than oriental countries. Every point is important in research.

Questions And Answers On West Direction Houses

1. Can we have water wells, ponds, water lakes, rivers, streams, torrents at West direction?

Ans: No, Having water wells, water bodies, lakes towards West direction is not at all good. This may damage peace in the home. Residents trouble with different troubles.

2. Can we plant Trees at West direction?

Ans: Planting trees at West direction is awesome. This is indeed very excellent thought. Please plant heavy trees at West direction.

3. Buildings or Apartments at the west direction execute any harm to us?

Ans: Huge buildings, Apartments, heavy structures at the west direction is auspicious. This feature helps to grow well.

4. Planning to buy one West facing plot, opposite there is open vacant land, is this good?

Ans: When there is open land exactly opposite to the West facing home, then keep pending of buying the home, if you are buying only the West open land, then don't construct until the opposite site owners started their construction. Or askone waste expertto visit and get his guidance. Please note that huge west open land may trouble the residents that they never imagine. Can't explain some of their troubles, but they may be severe, harsh, and rigorous. If residents found a plot or home that has huge West open land, then without experts' advice don't buy it.

5. Found one huge water tank opposite to our plot, (big storage structure on 8 pillars), is this good?

Ans: Having a storage water tank in the West direction supports you financially and physically. This may assist you to grow well. Further, this never harms you. If this pillar structure has any storage room at the bottom or footer level then this could vouchsafe with qualitative results. For further more guidance, approach one Vastu pandit, he will guide you.

6. Can we plan septic tank at West direction?

Ans: Don't do that, septic tank at west direction is not good idea.

7. Mountains and hillocks at West direction is good?

Ans: Yes, absolutely good.

8. Having electricity power polls and transformers are good?

Ans: Having electrical polls is good, but for the transformer, some issues are coming, for remedies please approachan expert.

9. Having water storage sump is good or bad?

Ans: No, absolutely not good.

10. Mountains and hillocks at West direction is good?

Ans: Yes, absolutely good.

11. Can we plan a basement/cellar for West facing house?

Ans: It is OK, but the basement (cellar or underground room or Crypt or undercroft, tenement, Dunny, lower ground floor, mezzanine) should it continue upto Northeast corner.

12. Can we construct car shed or car garage, can we keep vehicles for parking,?

Ans: Yes, absolutely good, but the shed should not touch the main home, independent structure is really helpful. This shed can touch the compound wall (boundary wall)

13. Having entry door or entrance gate or window is harm to us?

Ans: No not at all, one can plan a gate or door at this direction. The window never do any harm.

14. Can we have a home office at this direction?

Ans: Yes, accepted.

15. Can we have a pooja room?

Ans: No problem, but first check to plan pooja room at either east or North directions.

16. Can we have garden?

Ans: Yes, but it should not be wider than the garden at East direction, if there is no garden at East direction then garden at West direction may not give good results, if the resident is strict to have a garden then plant very huge trees in this location.

17. Having internal or external staircase/steps is acceptable?

Ans: Internal is perfectly acceptable, but external staircase need to get experts advice before planning.

18. Can we plan elevator / lift?

Ans: Yes, acceptable Please check thisvastu for liftlink.

19. Can we keep treadmill?

Ans: Yes, definitely.

20. Mountains and hillocks at West direction is good?

Ans: Yes, absolutely good.

21. Keeping rocks at this direction is good?

Ans: Yes, certainly good.

22. Having sewage line at west direction makes any harm to us?

Ans: Normally, sewage lines at west direction is not recommended. But most of the towns, cities, has such feature, please close the top of this sewage lines with kadapa slabs.

23. Planning to construct toilets at the West direction is OK?

Ans: Under some conditions it is acceptable. The toilets floor should not be depressed or lower than the main house floor, if it is mandatory then plan for 1 or 2 inches. Further, construct one feet platform at the West part of this toilet. First preference for the toilets is Northwest.

24. Having porticos is good idea ?

Ans: Yes, it is allowed.

25. Can we plan for the master bedroom?

Ans: Yes, perfectly acceptable and indeed this is an excellent idea.

26. Is constructing storeroom or stocks at this location?

Ans: Yes, very good idea.

27. Can we plan for a water fountain?

Ans: Yes, you can, but the floor of this water fountain should not be lower than the common area floor, it can be elevated, then this is acceptable.

28. Is West facing balcony good?

Ans: Yes, we can have balcony, its not at all a problem.

29. Pergola or cabana is acceptable?

Ans: Yes, unquestionably good, but cabana or pergola should not touch the main home.

30. Having the kitchen at west direction is good or bad?

Ans: Most favorable direction for the kitchen is either southeast or second best is Northwest, if both are not comfortable then one can plan kitchen (Galley, kitchenette, cooking area).

31. Planning Lanai is a good idea?

Ans: Yes, acceptable, before that please get experts advice.

32. Is Breezeway is acceptable?

Ans: Compulsory get a recommendation from Vastu specialist, withoutexpertadvice don't plan breezeway.

33. We found a home that has West floor elevated, is it good to buy?

Ans: Generally, the West elevated floor is perfectly good as per Vastu. Some homes have West roads height or elevated, this feature is awesome. The floor on the west side of some houses is extremely high and such houses are friendly in present with amazing results.

34. Can I buy a home that has West floor depression?

Ans: Normally, when a home West direction floor has lower level or depression then it is not recommended to buy. This attribute homes are not safe to buy. If a home has creek at West direction, then best to avoid buying such plot/house. Some residents rush to buy East facing homes, and they failed to observe the neighborhood. We urge every resident first check what is there at West direction or South direction, if both are secured, the life will be secured. Otherwise residents may face several issues.

35. Is it good to buy a home that has creek at West direction?

Ans: As we discussed earlier in above para, it is not advisable to buy home that has water body or river or creek at West direction. Avoid buying a West creek home is a wise thought.

36. Keeping furniture, sofa sets is bad or good?

Ans: Perfectly good, 100% acceptable.

37. Can we plan for a servant room or maid room or labor quarters?

Ans: Not good, but in some reasons, and in some places labor quarters or servant maid rooms giving good results, this can be explained/planned by the expert after visiting your property, so please get the right advice from them.

38. Is the West street focus is good, can we buy this property?

Ans: This is not easy question to say answer, kindly check this link for right answerstreet focus on west direction home. The straightforward answer is away from this property without experts' opinions.

39. Can I place the Computer table at West direction?

Ans: Yes, keeping the computer table at West direction is acceptable, but please sit facing towards east direction.

40. West cut or West truncation is acceptable?

Ans: This can happen when the plot is skewed, please check this linkinclined homesfor further information. Normally, the West direction cut is not harming the residents under some circumstances. This is indeed a critical question and it requires to observe everything before delivering the right answer.

41. Can We Extend The West Direction?

Ans: Normally, extension towards the West direction may not give good results. But for a few reasons, this may not damage resident's welfare. Let's discuss in detail.

Mr. Mohan lives in an East facing house from past 10 years and for his convenience purposes, he extended the West direction by adding a bedroom. This may trouble him as he extended towards West direction for his living home.

Mr. Hari bought one East facing plot and he got one offer to buy the adjacent west plot to his current new buying plot. If he bought the new plot that is West direction and it will become West extension for his current plot. This new addition of West extension may not hurt him. Because he is not living in that plot or not constructed anything there.

42. Is West Facing Home Good for Rent?

Ans: If the rented West facing house is good as per Vastu then residents can enter into the rental agreement. Please read the above points to understand whether this orientation property is good or bad.

43. Where should we plan the conservatory?

Ans: This orientation is also good for a conservatory, you can also plan for elevated floor level for this conservatory when it is planned to have at West direction. Enjoy the evening sunlight. Sitting before Sun at evening times may increase vitamin D. When the conservatory is planned properly, residents will reach here regularly and will enjoy the sunsetting scenes, sunlight and sun rays. Good for health, will get vitamin D.

44. Can I Buy a West Facing Plot Which Has a Water Canal in Front of it?

West Facing House Vastu | West Home Vastu (Paschim | Padamara) (2)Ans: When there is a water canal in front of the plot towards West direction, then best to skip this plot. Normally the West water canal may not give good results. Search for another good plot to buy. One Mr. Murali from North Karnataka who has very good knowledge on Vastu and constructed a factory that has West water canal. He lost entire his savings and efforts. Later he verified that property with many experts to recover, he could not succeeded.

He tried with many remedies, all were failed. He thought heconstructed the factory as per vastu principlesthen why all such negative impacts implied on his business, he may be correct with inner vastu principles, but neglected neighborhood effects on this property. Though he saved nominal experts' payments when starting the factory, but finally what happens. Overall he has 3.7 crore debts, when will he clear all these debts, god only knows. If he got experts' opinion earlier buying this plot, overall he would have saved more than 5.8 crore rupees. Fate is the most powerful in this universe. No one change others' destiny.

West direction is called in different Languages:

In Telugu = west / westGujarati = West
Kannada = WestHindi = west
Kerala Malayalam = WestMaharashtra Marathi = west
Punjabi = WestSindhi = West
Tamilnadu Tamil = WestUrdu = Morocco
Bengali (Bangla) = in the WestGerman = to the west
French = OuestLatvian = to the west
Arabic = westFilipino = west
Malay/Indonesian = WestItalian = ovest
English = WestMandarin Chinese = Western
Russian = WestSinhala= West
Norwegian= vestAssamese = West
Bodo = Update SoonDogri = of the West
Kashmiri= Update SoonKonkani= to the west
Maithili = westMeetei = Nongchup Maikei
Nepali = WestOdia/Oriya = West
Afrikaans = Sidereal timeSanskrit = West

Residents asking their doubts:

Is West direction home is good or bad?

Need to know west facing house pros and cons?

If there any problem if I buy West facing Factory?

My friend told West facing house is bad, is it true?

Once read the entire page the doubts will be cleared. If you have any further questions, pleaseContact SubhaVastu

As per our knowledge and experience, all the direction properties are the same power if vastu is perfectly followed, there are no special powers allotted to one particular direction.

Easy Method To Find West Direction?

West Facing House Vastu | West Home Vastu (Paschim | Padamara) (3)This is an animation image, prepared only for your kind information and easy understanding purpose. Here one house with a compound wall is showing and one moving hand indicating the Northwest to Southwest area. This part is called as West direction of a house or a plot.

Benefits of West Direction?

Those who live in this direction houses, (West facing house vastudirection) have bold opinions in their activities. It is very difficult to understand. Generally, they are cautious and observant in their approach.

They will not allow others to dominate them. They like to have freedom in their works. Sometimes they may have perversions also. But, they always aim for their own achievements. They will be strict in extracting work from others. Had very good love. Positive bonding with near and dears. Bold and generous people.

Normally, these residents want to see immediate results for their activities. This direction blesses energy for working, planning etc. This direction is responsible for one’s professional or trade and standard in theirbusiness development.

It gives natural sunlight till late hours. Four of the demi-Gods, Pushpadanta, Varuna, Asura and Mitra occupy this sector.

Do's and Don't About West Facing Houses

When bought the Western facing plots, these procedures may help you in the future.

1. Clean the entire land. Provide more open space towards east direction to the house and less open space at west direction. More open space towards east direction removes great obstacles, or else would have to face untold miseries.

2. Low level or ditches towards Northeast is essential.

3. West floor being high and slopping towards the East in an ideal situation.

4. The compound wall in the west should be higher and thicker. Similarly, the eastern portion of the compound wall should be comparison be shorter and thinner.

5. Constructing the solid rock platforms to the west open site, not to touch the main house, is the best solution for many problems including health and finances. A lot of discussions be needed on this point. This is the most important point for people who suffer from much ill health, financial problems.

6. If on the west roadside there are ditches etc, adjoining the west compound wall, a large shed may be constructed without touching the main home, please get proper guidance fromfamous Vastu Pandit, he will guide many other points too.

7. Planting heavy trees to the West is greatly beneficial. It protects from various difficult situations. So many problems will be solved by having huge trees.

8.If on the western and southern side beyond one’s plot area, if there are mounds, don’t destroy them. Indeed they are good. In the same way, if there are pits on these two areas ensure they are fully filled up and would not become water bodies.

9. Planning of septic tanks towards the west is avoided.

10. Water storage tanks should not be planned at west direction.

Benevolent effects or Beneficial points of Positive Features | Pros And Cons:

1. A Vastu compliant west house would lay the path for the head of the family on the path of progress, name, and fame, and standard life, and the like.

2. Having larger open space towards East and North of the house would result in unimaginable blessings to the residents in particular to the male folks. Scoring over adversaries, indebtedness, losses in business, job loss etc. are some of them. In addition, nagging ill-health conditions, job losses, financial stringency, men folk coming under unsocial or undesirable influences such as gambling etc would be greatly minimized to the betterment of all.

3. If the east floor is lower level than the west floor level, then good health and happy life is the indication (for the menfolk).

4. If more open space is in the North as compared to the South, financial security is assured and having money in hand.

5. If there is solid platforms or dais or platform built near to the West compound wall it bestows sound health and life security and job (work) security

6. Planting of strong trees on the west would give a feeling of security, success in every endeavor, and identity in society and bequeaths with prospering too. Blooming and gaining in business.

7. If eastern slopping verandah is built (without constricting Northeast), menfolk would have good health and financial stability.

8. If there is a basement or cellar or underground in East direction or Northeast quadrant, then money flow will be heavy and it helps to increase the peace and harmony and lowers the distress and frustration.

9. Planing swimming pool towards the East direction or Northeast is a good idea.

10. A garage shed without touching the main home is too beneficial. Please ensure that the floor level of this garage should be higher than the floor level of the inside home.

11. Can have a balcony or portico, but they should be properly planned by the expert only.

12. Some state that the entrance door or foyer in the West direction is not good. But the west entrance gate or entrance door or foyer is auspicious, for some extraordinary cases, these entrance gates may not giving good results, for example, if there is heavy open space in the north direction.

13. If a residence has a huge backyard for this direction, they will get all victories, good news, best opportunities in life, become famous in the society, their word has value in their friend circles and society.

14. This direction is best suited for scholars, religious preachers, and business establishments. This direction is recommended for politicians, leaders, and big business people.

15. The wind coming from this direction is generally hot. It develops heat in the human body and people will suffer from excessive heat-related diseases. So when the West is covered with trees and other huge buildings then bless with FAME and RICHES to the occupant.

Adverse Effects or Negative Impacts | Merits, And Demerits:

1. Any small non-compliant of Vastu principles house would result in failures in life.

2. West slopping Verandah may be resulting in ill health, paralysis, financial losses, less chances of escaping from enemies, etc.

3. If there is no open space in the east, the adversaries becoming stronger, failure in all matters, unclear occurrences, not being able to contact the right people when needed would be the results. Fame loss has to face many troubles.

4. If there be no open space towards the north, harassment by the female folk, or harassing then, financial losses etc are possible. If there be more open space towards the south, female folk would suffer ill health and men would suffer too.

5. Pits, ditches, well, low floor level, etc in the west, would result in financial ruination, ill health, paralysis, incurable diseases, and sometimes death, etc may be possible.

6. Water well features in this direction may become peace ruining element.

Is Every West Facing Homes Are Considered to be Bad?

In some cities/towns or areas for example, Bangalore city or Hyderabad city generally someVaastuknown people never recommending to buy the west facing plots, flats, houses, bungalows, shops, hotels, factories, etc, because they cannot explain the major or minor ill-effects of this direction.

Why they are not recommending, what are the facts and reasons behind this thought?

1. West direction house may get chances of having northern-northwest or southern-southwest street focus if it encroaches the road.

2. If there is no sufficient open space towards East then it may affect the residents.

3. Even if there is North direction plot or South direction plot is vacant in such a situation also there is a high chance of getting northern-northwest or southern-southwest street focuses to this home.

4. If there is no home opposite to this home, at that time also it may tender pains. Can't get west direction support. (If there is a huge property like big home or apartment at West direction then it will provide good results)

5. Others east direction has very huge building then also there is a chance of affecting this West facing home.

6. Some homes has water storage sumps at in front of the homes, if so it will become either Southwest water sump or west water sump or northwest water sump, generally, this may damage the residents.

7. Rightway constructing the home at East and leaving more open space towards West may damage severely. For our surprise, this same structure some time may bestow with good results, as a short term and this is based on accompanying with some other surrounding facilitation.

8. Some may have basements at the west direction to keep their vehicles, in such state also it damages health, finances and many other things, we found disastrous effects of this structure.

9. Some residents constructing the portico at West and it extends towards Northwest, in such condition also they has to face many financial litigations.

10. In most cases, these residents may not have Northeast walks to go outside, in such circumstances also it hurts the residents.

11. Some have slanting roofs towards West direction, this could affect their finances and health grounds and life threatening too.

After knowing some kind of the above information, manyvaasthuexperts "never" recommending residents to buy west facing homes. Due to many reasons, most of them never explain all of the above points. This may not be their fault. Please note thatVastu Shastrais a science of nature and it always works well.

Furthermore, considering we were apportioning with West facing homes, here are two relevant chapters that are meriting scrutiny:

Southwest facing house Vastu remediesin this link, we can understand how this Southwest affect the residents and what are the remedies.

Northwest Facing House Vastu remedies, this NW link explains the features, merits, demerits and remedies too.

If west floor level is elevated, is this good phenomenon:

If West flooring level is higher than the East direction then the family members of that house will be happier with good events in their respective house, no enmity, and diseases will also be reduced. If mountains are at Westside, then residents will be treated as leaders in their region and religion, that enormously impression mounts from thathome vastu. The affliction of this direction may lead to ill-fame of the occupants, sorrows, ill-health, etc.

Is All East Facing Homes Are Good Than the West Facing Homes

Sun starts his journey from East, so the warm shadows are showering at early mornings on east direction, so the east direction property is good than any other direction property. Please note one point or LOGIC here. The west direction home is also an east place, for that place also sun rays will touch, then the East direction and West direction properties are same almost the same here.

In some west houses sun rays may not touch, at that moment only we have to think on how to correct the house as perVasthuprinciples.

Ramaswamy House Selection

As per one resident Mr. Ramaswamy request, one expert visitedBengaluru. Before his visit Mr. Ramaswamy already picked some properties and he wants to finalize only one home among all others in one location.

One of his best friend who was acquainted with an expert shared this information and showed properties and finally, they came to point one property, that property is East facing. When this expert observed the property, he rejected that East facing plot and selected only the West facing property. Why ? .. What is the reason behind it. (matter is from subhavaastu.com). The West facing plot is having one big apartment at West direction. Indeed this is very favorable.

Regarding their selected East facing property, East side land is like a mountain/upper level. West direction elevation brings good luck but East direction elevation (height) causes bad luck.Surroundings strike an energetic rolefor future secured and comfortable life.

Manmade Bad Street Focus to West Home

With limited Vastu knowledge some residents deciding their own and lost their hard earned money. Observe the below image. Caution, while buying west facing plots, houses, factories, flats, etc, residents should approach only experts and then only take a decision of buy or leave it. (please avoid frivolous scholars in the market.). There are several precautions before buying these west facing properties. Please go through below image for more information.

How West Facing Home Attracting Road Thrust?

West Facing House Vastu | West Home Vastu (Paschim | Padamara) (4)Here two houses are shown with "House 1" and "House 2". Both houses are West facing houses only. Looking for your deep concentration here, please carefully observe both images. "House-1" encroached road i.e., extended to the road and the "House-2" is parallel to the road. Due to this encroachment "House-1" hit by Southwest-south street focus and Northwest-north street focus. This is not at all good. Without having knowledge of some residents encroached roads, this could damage their life. That is why west facing homes should not overstep roads.

West Facing House Vastu | West Home Vastu (Paschim | Padamara) (5)Now it is very clear to understand theNorthern Northwest Street FocusandSouthern Southwest Street focuswhen a property is encroaches towards the West road, both arrows shown with red color, just for your understanding purpose. With this "House-1" stepinto road the "House-2" will become safe.

West Directional Home Having Heavy Stones at East Direction

West Facing House Vastu | West Home Vastu (Paschim | Padamara) (6)Observe this home. East open space is more than double of West open space. The homeowners kept many stones at the backyard i.e., at east direction. Please note that we should not hold the stones, a heap of stones, waste materials, stock items, garbage, store materials, keeping such materials makes residents life more troubled, for example, loss of wealth, mental stress, the absence of peace of mind, troubles to the kids, strain, and fame loss, etc.

The immeasurable idea here is, removing all these unusable material and keep at Southwest corner or upstairs southwest portion areas, or sell them or through them etc.

Can We Keep Boulders at West Direction

West Facing House Vastu | West Home Vastu (Paschim | Padamara) (7)Keeping boulders at West direction improves health, lifestyle, Subsistence, name, health, respect in society, standard life, upperhand on enemies, etc.

Is It Good to Buy West Direction Floor Slope Home?

West Facing House Vastu | West Home Vastu (Paschim | Padamara) (8)If the west side of the house that we are building is sunken, the occupants of that house will always face some problems one after another. They may not enjoy their life in such homes. They may always face one after other problems, most serious issues. Financial losses, severe health issues, threatening to life, increasing enemies' power, or bow head before enemies, backbone issues, life become morass, etc.

Shri Bala Experience with West Slopping Home

Dear Sir, in 2008 I built my house in one plot sloping downward to the west direction. Prior to registering this plot, I like to consult with one expert, unfortunately, one of my friend who had some Vastu knowledge visited and judge as this plot is excellent, and it will help to become prosperous, blindly I followed his guidance and constructed my home. Later I did several consultations. Nothing works. We are now in very serious financial problems & my health has been affected very badly. Please guide me on how to overcome this situation - Bala -Coimbatore in Tamilnadu. (To secure their privacy we changed their name)

Western Deep Slanting Slope Homes are Good to Buy?

West Facing House Vastu | West Home Vastu (Paschim | Padamara) (9)In this image the home constructed on the flat land. The Western land slopes deep slanting. In most of cases this kind of homes may trouble the residents. If any resident looking to buy such homes, then without experts opinion do not buy, please be tolerance and get a word from experts before taking any decision. If a resident compromises today, every day they should compromise in their life.

Can I Buy a West Facing Plot as an Investment Property?

Respected sir, can I buy a West facing plot as an investment property though there is no homes opposite to my interesting plot, looking for your assistance - Rohit -Miami in Florida.

>>> Shri Rohit Ji, if you are buying a home and living there, then it matters and we have to count everything. If you are buying an investment property that too a open plot, and there is no any homes opposite to your plot, then you can buy this west facing plot, but don't plan to construct home as of now. Once the opposite plot owners started construction then you can start your home construction. This is a safe method.

Why I Lost My Job After Joining This Home?

Respected Suresh Ji, we are total family members of 4. Myself (Rajesh 37 years), my wife (Surekha 36 years), my son ( Tharun 12 years), and my daughter ( Tanvi 8 years), due to the upcoming requirements and small home we left that West facing house and joined this East face house in the month of June 2017. I lost my job on 18th December 2017. Even after 16 months also I did not get any job. You know how hard tolive here in Texaswithout a job. For my livelihood, I sold out myown home in Bhopal in Indiaand used to live here. We struggled and get huge pains. The previous West direction home is extremely good and we were very happy in that home. While in my searching my brother-in-law told me East direction is wonderful. Without a second thought, I bought this home and suffering from multiple resentment situations. One of my friend called from WA to settle in his living city Seattle, but thehomes in Seattle is very costlyand I cannot afford such prices. Texas is cheaper than Seattle. Why are peopleblindly recommending East facing homeswithout having any research knowledge?, looking forward to hearing from you soon, I need a word/support from you. After visiting your website, I clearly found your work/services, it is a sincere and honest attempt. God Bless you Suresh Ji for your gesture & nice endeavors.

West Facing House Vastu | West Home Vastu (Paschim | Padamara) (10)Observe this image, house number "1" is North neighbor, "1A" is mother-in-law home, house number "2" is Rajesh home, house number 3 is south neighbor and house number 4 is others home. 3 and 4 number homes have south road. But this 1 and 2 has East road accessibility. Let's discuss on this image.

House number 1 has support at West direction by mother-in-law home (1A) .

House number 2 (Rajesh house) does not have any support, the West backyard is totally open.

House number 3 has also West support in the name of house number 4.

Rajesh house (house number 2) does not have any West support, this is more than enough to start experiencing troubles. He was wrong guided by his brother-in-law who is living in Bhopal. Actually, whose mistake it is. Please note that residents should not blindly follow uncertain/illogical rules. Best to get a word from experts, life will be safe and happy.

In these days life has become uncertain and we are unaware as to when misery calls on us and we may even lose our livelihood. One strong possibility for this is, when the west side premises is largely open, or at a lower level than ought to be. By correcting this we will be able to minimize the possibility of losing our livelihood (losing the job, etc.)

We should take suitable precautions to let the uncertainty not fall on us. No doubt we take proper worldly precautions of doing work sincerely and with dedication and also trying to be on the right side of the powers that be.

In addition to these things which are routine, we have to take care of the Vastu science also. One of the prime causes for this misery is having large open space on the west side of your premises and having low line areas towards the west side.

Take due precautions on these aspects so that the positive energies manifest themselves in abundance during these uncertain times. An expert will surely help you in this regard.

Note that the prevention is less costly than the cost of curing.

Is All West Facing Homes Are Bad?

West Facing House Vastu | West Home Vastu (Paschim | Padamara) (11)We continuously hearing from several Vastu pandits that "West facing homes are very bad" and most of them were recommending either North or east only. If we take many homes in the USA, for example, take thishome in Phoenix, Narendra bought this home in the year 2015 and experienced prosperous life and bought 2 homes later.

Who was given Vastu consultation to him and who is Narendra, those are not questions here. Our point is, whether the west homes are good or bad. Please observe a large open space towards the East direction in the above image, this makes him all happy in this home.

Huge East open yard to the West facing homes are considered to be auspicious and normally it is giving favorable results.

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